Welcome to social science era


A warm welcome to all those who keep interest in learning about human beings and the society they live in. Today we are the fast moving towards development. Our society and the human race are growing faster and smarter. At this juncture, in order to cope up with the smarter society, it has become very essential for us to know Social Science and his various branches. In a nutshell it can be therefore said that social science deals with the study of human being and his nature and how he lives in society. Subjects like Anthropology, Sociology, Political Science, Economics, Psychology, History, Geography etc. are the different branches of social science. In this 21st century, where we and our society have evolved from being smart to smarter, it has become vey essential for us to learn the various branches of social science. The learning of these subjects started since men were on the verge of civilization. As soon as civilization crept in, the study of the subject became a high demand.

Social science gives us knowledge about the nature of mankind and tells us how man should behave in the society. It is an essential subject that humans should have knowledge about. In order to become a smarter guy of the 21st century it is essential to learn the various subjects of social science. The various branches science deal with the different aspects of mankind and society. Since we are living in a modern scientific society which is changing at a rapid pace, we must also upgrade ourselves and this up gradation of ourselves is only possible with the learning of the subject like economics, political science, sociology, anthropology, history, geography, psychology etc. To form a basic idea about the various subjects of social sciences it can be said in simple words as below——–

Economics is the subject that throws light on the economy of the country, the financial graph, income and expenditure of the country or the population at large.

Political Science  deals with the state. It gives knowledge about the population and its administration and the lines of administration.

History is the study of “Man’s Story” or it gives us knowledge about man’s life and his actions in the past and in that perspective how mankind has evolved in the present.

Psychology primarily relates to human nature and his behaviour. What behaviour he retains and should have.

Geography is all about the “geoid” or the earth. It throws light on all the realms of the earth and its scape.

Sociology is all about the human society. It gives us knowledge about man and his relation with the society. It is all about man’s connectivity with the society he lives in.

All these subjects of social science help us to become smart citizen. They enhance our knowledge about how to become a good and bonafide citizen, and how to live in the society and how to help in the nation building. The study of social science broadens our view of the socio- political system. It creates enthusiasm in us to take active part in the politics of the nation. It helps us grow interest in the activities of the nation. As civilians we have many rights and duties. Rights are those basic conditions which are essential for our all round development and duties are those conditions that we need to perform for the development of the country. The study of social science creates in the learners a zeal to take interest in the affairs of the state and the society. Social science and its study helps us grow into a civilian. It is a very broad learning that help us to know ourselves better and also about the actions that we must have or the nature that we must develop in ourselves to become a perfect citizen. In this civilized society, to live like a civilian is not the only thing that matters, but how to live or what style we should possess to live in the society must also be focused into. All these can only be accomplished with the study of social science.

The subject is both interesting and knowledge oriented. At the beginning or to be more precise at the preliminary stage students might take time to develop interest in its learning but as we go deeper or in the detail learning of the subject, we can create a zeal in us to learn further.

The different subjects of social science are very interesting and provide us with all the facts and information that are required for knowing the society and the social beings we live in and with. Therefore it is very much necessary for the students of this century to learn the various disciplines of the social science subject. It will help them make an excellent individual out of them. This ultimately will help in the nation building. The knowledge of the past will help people of today’s society to rectify their wrong doings and develop a better tomorrow. Not only how live in the society but also how to aggravate social developments mainly in the fields of economy, politics, social bindings, human nature and many more.

It will be a golden opportunity for a learner to learn about these subjects. Every individuals must aim to be a good human being and must learn how to live in the society. In order to make a better society we must provoke our kids to learn the subjects of social science. It is with this aim only that many of the subjects like history, economic, geography, sociology, political science etc. have been included in the school level syllabus. These subjects are taught to children both at the secondary and higher secondary schools. It has been found that pupils grow interest in learning the subject more elaborately from their primary learning only. They develop in them the interest to learn more and more about the subject. It would be an added benefit for an individual to learn about the subject in simple and easy language. These subjects are tremendously important to be learnt, not only for the all round development of an individual but also for the development of the society and the nation at large. Therefore it is very much essential to promote all these subjects among the students to know about themselves and make the world a better place to live in.


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