I am Mrs. Moumita Dhar. I am a person with a never giving up spirit. I always try to remain cheerful. I am convent educated and work as a teacher in a renowned English Medium school. I have been teaching for the past 15 and a half years. I passed Secondary and Higher Secondary from Loreto convent school in the years 1994 and 1996 respectively. I have also completed M.A. from RB University in 2002. I am fluent in three languages——English, Hindi and Bengali. Bengali is my mother tongue and I belong to the state of West Bengal in India. Not only I can converse in these three languages but I can also write read in these languages. I have an educational institutional name as ‘Niv Educational Institute’, where a huge number of pupils are imparted quality education for qualifying various competitive examinations.

My experience as a teacher began when I was in the University. A child in my neighborhood was day by day losing interests from studies. After a long finding, I found that it was due to her lack of interest in the subjects of Social Studies or can be better said as the subjects of Humanities. She did not feel the urge to read History and Geography. I took the opportunity to teach her those two subjects and the result was great. I was very much successful in arousing in her the interest for studying those subjects. I was confident that the way I would explain complex things, it will become easier for her to cope up with the subjects. This in turn made me sharper in making complex learning easier. From one the number of students increased and I enjoyed with my work. I found it really enthusiastic teaching them Social Studies. I love to keep myself and my students the updated with the current affairs of the world. And this updation is only possible if one is interested in learning Social Studies.

I have taken Social Studies for teaching because I feel that if the knowledge of Science makes a person smarter, the knowledge of the society and mankind would help him grow up as a good human being. While doing this, I had to face many obstacles but since I am a self motivating and never giving up lady, I continued with my job. I believe in the proverb that “All streets lead to Rome’, so I kept on following new paths to reach my goal. I have longed to become a teacher and today I have achieved my dream and can proudly call myself as a successful teacher. I feel great when I see my students excelling in the fields of Social Science. All these achievements of my students energize me and motivate me to make more and more responsible citizens of this world.  My motto in life as a teacher is “TO REACH OUT TO MANY.”

I am a self-declared foodie and I love to taste a variety of cuisines. I love to watch videos on cooking. Cooking attracts me a lot. Whenever I get time from work, I engage myself in cooking new dishes. I love to cook the dishes with different tastes. When I am not in the kitchen I spend the leisure by listening to music and songs. Generally I tune in to music or watch motion pictures.

My family, particularly my mother has been an inspiration to me. She is the person who supported me, backed me to establish myself as a teacher. Every other member in the family wanted me to take science subjects but my parents inspired me to take up and study Social Studies. Because of the consistent support my parents I am a devoted individual today. My mistakes have taught me new lessons. I never view disappointment as a back-puller but a chance to improve myself. Now I can very well believe that there is an answer to every question. This helps me to see life as a gift of mankind. What I have discovered from my experiences and battles is that one should never give up or surrender. I have also learnt how to keep a positive attitude towards every circumstance.


My mission as a teacher is to support trustworthiness and honesty. I give learning that is important, reasonable and rousing, priority. My central goal is to create in my student the zeal to learn complex subjects and achieve a career in them. My primary mission is to reach out to the many who lack interest in learning the subjects of social studies. I take up innovative instructing strategies that work like magic and give fruitful result. Each student of mine is set with high scholarly measures. My blog utilizes straightforward and simple English with the goal that my students don’t get weary. I have made a domain with my establishment where students are urged and engaged to develop and become creative. Every day I assess my work form and develop to build a compatible relationship with my student. My central goal is to create youngsters with dynamic and imaginative personalities. My website’s essential job is to create the spree in learning subjects like History, Geography, Economics and Political Science. It produces will in each student, to accomplish his dream by developing a profound love for the subjects. This makes their learning simpler as well as helps them to figure out how to accomplish their aim and objectives. My sole goal is to assist the student to raise the attitude in them to conquer the dread in learning. I help my student to accomplish their goal and make them adjustable to the evolving social system.


My vision is to grow some balanced, mindful people who can best suit themselves in the upcoming society. My vision is to create a society full of human beings and not only men. To remove the evils from the society is also my vision. I want to see the society free of evils like child infanticide, child marriage, dowry and illiteracy etc. I look up to make a society where everyone especially girls would get the opportunity to study and shoulder men in the making of the society. My vision is to create a deep rooted love for learning for everyone.

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