Getting Married






Ronald had a notion that getting married was something that was as simple as a child’s play. But he is wrong. Rather it was a very difficult task. However, after knowing the truth Ronald was not a person to retreat. He is a man of strong determination. Since he has once given his words to Celia he will not back out. He will now single-handedly manage the whole matrimonial affair.


However, the fact is that they have to fix a day for their marriage. This most essential truth broke upon Ronal in Addison Road. It was an occasion when he was being introduced by Celia to some of her relatives. Both Ronald and Celia settled an approximate date of their marriage on the eleventh. But while returning back home, Celia again enquires Ronald if he wants to reconsider their marriage date. Celia asks if the eleventh would be alright for him or if he would like to have it on the twelfth.


The truth is that Ronald thought everything would actually be arranged by Celia. Then on one fine evening she will tell him the marriage will be on the next day. And Ronald should prepare himself for the D-day. When he will be told about the place and time he would dress and reach the spot punctually.  Moreover, his best man would have told him where to stand and his clergyman would have told him what to say. And then his solicitor would tell him where to sign.


Ronald would play only one part. He would just act according to the instruction and emerge out of the church with his wife, as a happy married couple. Ronald even went as far as to expect Celia to plan and arrange their honeymoon. But by now Ronal is pretty sure that none of his expectations are going to happen and marriage is hardly an easy talk.


Turning back to Celia, Ronald now asks her if she would prefer any particular month. When he knows Celia has no such preference, he fixes their marriage date on eleventh June. He then, as advised, moves to St. Miriam’s, on the next day to look into the availability of the Church on that particular day. He padded round nervously around St. Miriam’s for half an hour. Finally, he regains courage to go inside the church and ask the clerk if the church was free on the eleventh of June.


Consulting his wedding book the clerk informs that the church is already booked for that particular day. Ronald pleads with the clerk to avail him the church on that day. He suggested the clerk to request the man who had already booked to shift his date or go to some other church. The clerk, however, denies all his requests and insisted that the only free date was the seventeenth.


Celia is informed of the date. Since there was no way out; she agreed to be married on seventeenth June. But still there is another problem. They have to hire a room and that too should be near the church as it was far away from their residence.


Now comes the problem of fixtures, since Ronald has not done anything regarding the fixtures. They have only three hours to be with each other and thus, Celia is a bit worried about it. As for Ronald, he has always been bored by the mention of the fixtures. Hence, he only signs to be the owner of the cozy flat, discovered by Celia. She however, even employs decorators to furnish their flat. But Ronald thought he had the credit of employing the decorators, and feels proud with such a futile thought. He is however, reminded of his vain pride by his wife one day.


With the question of electric fittings, Ronald thanks his wife for reminding him. He had a peculiar idea of fittings growing in the wall from bulbs. But now he is cleared of his funny fancy. Celia however, behaves professionally in the electric shop. At first she asks the shopkeeper to show her a hanging lantern for the hall. The shopkeeper shows them a magnificent lantern in brass. Ronald fancies that the lantern would be somewhere around a thousand pounds. But the lamp is only two pound. However Celia disapproves of buying it since it was highly decorative. She thus proceeds to the fittings of other rooms after an hour.


When it was quarter to one, Ronald proposed to have lunch and then go in search of furniture together. But Celia wants to finish off with the part of electric fittings at first and rejects the proposal of Ronald. At last she has to surrender her desire, as Ronald is resolute in having at least a chest of drawers.


The shopkeeper, knowing Celia, welcomes her in his shop. He displays before the couple real old chest drawers of mahogany wood. However, in spite of their grandness, the choosy Celia prefers to see some more in other shops. Ronald, fearing the nature of Celia, orders three chest of drawers secretly. He even buys the one chosen by Celia in the other shop. When they are out on the road, Ronald informs her that they now have four chest drawers.


After these troubles, there is yet another problem that wears down Ronald. It is the problem of choosing the ideal venue for a honeymoon.  When Celia asks what Ronald is doing about their honeymoon venue he replies humorously that he was thinking about the same. Still now Ronald has not booked any room. We even come to know that Ronald is marrying Celia to write letters for him. He hates the job and so, Celia is expected to write letters for him. As for Celia, she simply admires Ronald’s skill of a piano player. Thus, they are to unite under this condition.


Ronald, however, expects Celia’s father to arrange for their honeymoon. But, finding no way out he decides to do it on his own. Yet there is another problem. Ronald and Celia have not yet decided their honeymoon venue. And thus, Ronald is temporarily saved from doing the most hateful job of writing letters. They now decided their venue. Celia suggests to first decide what kind of venue they would prefer – sea, river, mountain or golf. The very word golf excites Ronald but they dismiss their idea of golf being mandatory in their venue.


Next day Ronald came up with the information of seven spots she heard. But Celia speaking like a spot expert informs about a spot which is close to the sea. Moreover, there  are rivers where they can fish, good mountains and everything necessary for being a good spot. Hearing such a proposal, the lazy Ronald lay his back in relief. He is saved on this occasion too since the active Celia is alone enough. She can arrange even the ideal spot for their honeymoon.


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